De bad selv om det

Jeg skal aflevere en sides “acknowledgements” som en del af mit speciale (jeg skriver på engelsk, og er ikke sikker på det danske ord. Taksigelser?). Så dem skrev jeg som en overspringshandling en dag i januar. Vi bliver bedt om at gøre det kort, så skal nok barbere det ned. Men lige nu, så lyder de sådan her:

Simultaneous with writing this thesis I have been blogging and reading blogs, as I am love with the medium. Therefore writing this thesis has topic-wise been a sheer delight. It has been wonderful to dive into the body of academic literature on blogging. I have been so fortunate to have Jan-Hinrik Schmidt as my supervisor on this thesis writing journey.

I would like to send warm thoughts to my supervisors Dr. Ph.D. Wiebke Loosen and Dr. Jan-Hinrik Scmidt, who have been very helpful during my thesis writing process. Always kindly answering my question-filled emails. I would also like to thank Dr. Monika Pater, who as well has been aiding my nearly scream-filled emails. I would also like to thank Dr. Katrin Voss for lecturing me and my fellow Hamburg Mundusians on how to write a thesis, and Mahmud Shameem and Irene Nervala for teaching us how to do research properly.

I am also forever in debt to my fellow Hamburg Mundusians and especially x, xx and xxx for always saying “everything will be alright” when I did not at all believe that it would be. And for being helpful with technical and other otherworldly problems. True study buddy soul mates from all over the world.

I would also like to thank my dorm mates and brother for cooking me meals and giving out hugs, when I was in dire need. I would like to thank my longterm and dear friends xy and xyz for helping me get over a broken heart and mentally kicking me in my butt, when I needed it, and for always picking up when I called. And xxxx for sending me warm thoughts and sharing the thesis writing experiences all the way from Berlin. I would also like to thank my mother for calling me in the mornings and making sure I would get a good start on the day. At last, I would like to thank Marabou for making such good chocolate which really helped me through the last days. I would also like to thank my blog readers at for sharing their thesis writing experiences and helping me get through my own. And Facebook for providing me with endless procrastination opportunities.

Ak ja. Jeg er frygter for jeg ikke er akademisk nok, så må hellere agere noget mere akademisk, for ellers så har de vel luret mig på forhånd. Jeg er lidt bange for at blive fundet ud af. Som i at jeg er en af de der taxameterstuderende, der blot kom igennem for at universitet kunne få deres penge. Den tid, den sorg.


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