Friday Fun with James Blunt

Hello dear ones,

How are we today?

I have this feeling it is Tuesday today. But I just realised it is actually Friday. And the very first one of 2014. Because of the soon birth of my T-baby, I’m in Thesizilla mode and not paying attention to what day it is (or perhaps it has something to do with New Year’s). No matter how hard I try, I can’t focus on my methodology section all the time. So somehow I found myself reading James Blunt’s tweets. That’s true (Friday) fun. Check his Twitter out here and a selection of his tweets here. After realising how great humour he has, I had to check out his recent music. And I found this gem:

From the library booth I’m sitting at today, lighting a fire or two in some bonfire hearts doesn’t sound so bad.

Enjoy your Friday, folks.


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