Hello, New Year

Hi darlings,

How are you on a nearly normal Wednesday like today?

It’s the first day of shiny new year. Although I’ve been up, I’m actually still in bed. Listening to crisp French songs (like this one), contemplating about last year and reading blogs. It’s soon time for a bath, eggs, freshly pressed orange juice and black cowboy coffee to cure the stiffness. But before all that, I just wanted to start the year off with a post. Because blogging for you was something I did often last year, and something I really enjoyed.

Some say that what you do on January 1st is a sign of what you will do the rest of the year. And I intend to blog a lot this year. Last year on January 1st I woke up to the aftershock of a big fight with my then boyfriend. Today is the first day since 2008 I wake up on January 1st without a man in my life. So if the signs are right, 2014 will be a me-year. I hope so. Because being me is quite fun. See for yourself.


I sometimes wear silly glittery hats (OK, maybe only once a year for special occasions).


I get to drink bubbles with great friends, old and new.


And I get to eat fancy dinner with them.

kransekageI can bake cake and eat it too.

goodnightEven if I live in a dorm, I do it the Holly Golightly way (sadly minus the cat, though).

However your New Years Eve was, I hope you wake up with a slight sense of excitement for the year waiting to be broken in.

I don’t know what it has in store for us, but I’m pretty excited to find out. 


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