Six Things That Will Smoothen My 2013-2014 Transition

Hi dearests,

I hope you are having a very wicked last Sunday (= Funday) of 2013.

As promised, here you get the six things that will make my turn of the year the greatest ever.

Moleskine Diary Pink

#1: A calendar from Moleskine (pink, bien sûr). When I started studying I was very boring. I think I tried very hard to fit into the uni world. My calendar was black back then. Then it got red in mid-2012 and now for 2014 it’s pink. I’m certainly not afraid to add a little colour to my life anymore. And I’ve accepted that I’m not all that (or at all) cut out for PhD-life. I guess you can say that I’ve become more me in 2013.

Lone Hørslev Toblerone#2 & 3: Poetry and chocolate will no doubt help me on cold January days, when I need a break from my T-baby and some sweets to battle the insomnia I foresee will come at some point. Lone Hørslev’s poems about daily author life are a treat, I’m sure. And Toblerone never hurt no one.

New Years Tulips#4 & 5: Since my first single days in early August, I’ve bought fresh flowers for myself every week. I hope these tulips will magically open on January 1st. But if they blossom before, it is also aOK. I will for sure throw flowers at myself every week of 2014. It’s such a simple joy. Speaking of joy-inducing little things – look at my rabbit candleholder from H&M Home! I mean, how can you not cheer up inside when looking at this (even if it’s sitting on top of thesis theory books)? Get it here.

#6: And last but certainly not least; a dear friend and I have tickets to see these stellar girls in Copenhagen.

What will make your 2014 better?

Theres only three days left of 2013, so spend them wisely.


1 thought on “Six Things That Will Smoothen My 2013-2014 Transition”

  1. I have been buying Moleskine calendars for a couple of years now, always in pink, and I just love them. I did not buy one in august though where I usually buy them, because I thought I could easily do without one as long as I had my phone. But it is just not the same, so I am buying one after New Year – maybe in purple this time if I can get one. I have also read that it is possible to get one with The Little Prince, so if that is true I will surely get that one. I might have to go to Paris to get one though..:)

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