My Kind of Friday Night

Hello sweet Internet friends,

How are you on this last Friday of 2013?

My master plan for tonight was to eat crisps and wrap a gift. I love wrapping. I really do.

I know, I know – how brainless am I? It’s probably connected to the joy of giving. And the colour therapy it can induce. Deep shit there. Well, it’s Friday night and that was what you got for your penny.

Wait. OK. You get a little more.

I was at work in the bookstore today and during break time I flipped through a magazine. I skimmed an article about how to set a table for Christmas. I thought: Whoa those women must live really simple lives and have lots of time to set a table as pretty and picture perfect as that. But I think I get it. It must bring about a sense of order and control in all the Christmas chaos. And setting a table nicely can be like wrapping a gift nicely. The wrapping/table-setting doesn’t really count, but it kinda makes the gift/food a little better. And makes the receiver feel more special.

Enough of the yada, yada, Martha Stewart ramblings. Here’s some pics of my night.

H&M Home Rabbit Candle

Packing Fun

Hoptimist Bimble

H&M Home Love Candle Kubus byLassen

My night only got better by listening to this playlist.



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