Merry Christmas from Me and Beyonce

Happy 23rd of December,

It’s the day before the day (in Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th). As many of you probably won’t be reading blogs on the 24th I wanted to wish y’all a very merry Christmas.

Last night, while listening to Bonnie Tyler I found this video via Elite Daily. And I thought it was a wonderful way of reminding you (and me) about being a little more selfless and doing something for others. Isn’t that what the Christmas spirit is all about?

I love Queen B. In Denmark we have a blue blooded queen with a crown and all, but I would bow for Beyonce anytime as well. She is truly inspirational.

beyonce-productivity2image courtesy of Laugh Liv Love

I love this meme. Just think about it when you are feeling low on energy. Does this have anything to do with Christmas? Not really, no. But thanks for reading anyway. What I wanted to say today is:


Enjoy the celebration and hopefully what will be some relaxing (holi)days. 



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