Shaken, not Stirred


I’m in the silent study hall at the library. Almost desperately quenching today’s drops of thesis juice out into a Pages document (long live MacBooks). I’m working on a chapter about basic blog theory. Stumbling upon quotes such as “… a successful blog must be tended as a garden” (Matrullo, 2002) and “… the format is significant: Frequency, Brevity, and Personality” (Blogger founder Evan Williams). While the winter sun is blinding my eyes I sense the irony – I haven’t blogged in three days. Sorry, dear garden and plants who live in it. I’ve been busy wrapping books, sipping beers and seeing good old friends from uni life, not to mention hoovering over my T-baby.

And excuse me for excusing myself. This is exactly what I don’t like about blogs (there are actually things I don’t like); excuses and posts that shouldn’t have been published, because they are just noise-in-the-form-of-words. I like when things are new, fresh and not just mindless blabber (this post might very well be an excuse and mindless blabber). I like to get shaken, not just a gentle stir, but feeling turned upside down. Or at least just like I experienced something new. Often when we see the same old friends, or watch the movies we have watched a million times over yet again, it is just a waste of time. It might be very nice, comfortable and even cosy. But did you learn something from it? Did it add something to your life?

Sunday evening I started watching Love, Actually (it’s that time of the year, isn’t it?). But I felt like I needed to get shaken instead of stirred. I’ve seen it at least twice. So instead of watching it again and missing a certain someone (or just someone) I watched this TEDtalk, did copy writing exercises and read a chapter in a management book.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new once in a while. Or every day.


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