Life in Limbo

thesis limbo

Hey there, dear readers.

As you know, my life is all about a certain Mr. T at the moment (it’s kinda like in Harry Potter, where they say YouKnowWho instead of Voldemort. I write Mr. T or T-baby instead of thesis). Blogging is my favourite pastime, so here’s a glimpse into my life this week (in case you’re not fed up already).

Monday the weather was grey and foggy. My mind was too. I could not focus at all. A long walk to the harbour with a pal helped, though. It helped even more to climb unto a giant pair of glasses. Just to get out of my comfort zone and forget about  (Rosemay’s) T-baby. Tuesday I had a blast in front of the screen. Yesterday I was tempted to work from my bed. Not so efficient, but it felt almost like eating sweets. So bad, yet so good. A tea break is also great, no matter what day it is. And positive statements has never hurt anyone. I can also recommend calling your mum.

That’s all for now, folks.

Stay golden. Don’t forget to sparkle or be awesome, and all that sass.


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