Black Dog Days?

Yesterday, I thought about exams, exam anxiety and stress. And I decided that I would write a post about it. How I, found myself breaking down at work two years ago, because I was afraid I was going to fail my exams. I was unsure about how Christmas with my family would turn out and I couldn’t sleep at night because of all this. And how I sought help.

This morning I saw this video via a friend on Facebook. And I felt like sharing it with you guys, instead of writing a long post about my own exam anxiety mini-meltdown.

Perhaps depression is not what you are experiencing. But I think the message of this video is absolutely right:

Seek help, if you are troubled. There’s no shame in that. 

Let your friends and/or roomies know that you are stressed out. Do sports. Or maybe just take a walk. Be kind to yourself (light some candles while you study, or make hot chocolate instead of plain black coffee), and know that everything will be ok. Keep repeating that to yourself. Believe it. And learn to breathe in, and be in the things that are hard (this mantra is stolen from my yoga practice, but I think it can be applied to every situation and not only a hand-stand). You can weather a storm. Because you are not made out of sugar candy. You are pretty strong and awesome.

Lotus Light

Good luck with your exams.


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