Reading is the New Sexy


Isn’t it wonderful? A photo from when I was at work in the bookshop yesterday. However, I’ve been so busy last week that I only read while I was on the train. I hope this week will be more eat, write, read, sleep. And blog of course.

Have you seen this poem? You might have, but it still great. Reading is the new sexy. Well, to me it has always been.

Passion, wit and dreams, y’all.

Have a nice Monday.


12 thoughts on “Reading is the New Sexy”

  1. I am really happy I came across this! I started reading again this year after years and yes…its the new sexy!! 🙂

    1. There’s endless worlds of magic between the covers 🙂 Reading is something you do for yourself, by yourself. Wellness for the soul. And most of the time you also learn something. What’s not to love.

      And hey, I’m happy you left a comment, because your blog is pretty awesome 🙂

      1. Very true…being immersed in the words is amazing! Thank you so much! I’m honored…I’m going to keep blogging a little more often! 🙂

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