If You Want It Thesis Writing Can Be Fun

Tuesday afternoon, I was dying in the library. I’ve been using so much time trying to get my online survey to function. Clearly, I miss skills in that area. One of my favourite ways of procrastinating is to read blogs. As I’m writing my thesis about blogs, it might not even qualify as procrastination. So, I read about a blog event on Camille’s blog, and decided to go.

The event was this evening in Aalborg. Off I went. With chaichino and a good read.

train journey Aalborg

I arrived at the venue – the Envii shop in Aalborg Storcenter, and started interviewing people while waiting in queue.

Blogger event Envii Queue

Who imagined doing a master thesis would include cake and bubbles on a regular Wednesday?

Cake and pink bubbles

And there were plenty of more bubbles, nicely chilled on ice in a pink tub. Exactly appropriate for a girls night.


The stars of the night – Sofie and Camille. So likeable and pretty in person as well.

Sofies blog ClamourforGlamour

I even got an interview with them, besides the 10 blog readers I got on board.

If any of you read this; thank you so much for letting put my iPhone in your face.

Seriously. You made me mucho happy.

After I got my goodie bag and interviews I made a run for it. Had it not been for Google maps on my phone, I would probably still wander around these seemingly godforsaken, deserted streets in suburban Aalborg. (If there is a God, I’m sure he or she watches over Skalborg as well. It was just really cold and I wasn’t easy to impress.)

godforsaken streets

I made it! Due to some technical difficulties I got a free ride back to Aarhus. Yay! What you can’t see in the picture, is the three men snoring in my train car. They were quite a sight.


Now I just wanna see the insides of my eyelids.

Good night (or morning), sweet Internet friends.


4 thoughts on “If You Want It Thesis Writing Can Be Fun”

  1. Så fandt jeg din Blog! Sjovt lige at blive interviewet til din opgave 🙂 Aftenen blev jo desværre lidt kort for mig, da jeg måtte komme min bedre halvdel til undsætning fordi den bette var ked af det…. da jeg kom hjem sov hun selvfølgelig 😉

      1. Din Blog er nu tilføjet på min liste 🙂 Kan læse at du fik interviewet Sofie og Camille – fedt! 🙂
        Og hvor var det pudsigt at du har arbejdet sammen med Jonas 🙂
        Hvad var det du sagde din bror (?) hed? Som muligvis har gået i klasse med min veninde? 🙂

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