Snippets From My Sunday Walk

Yesterday (and today) Aarhus have been spoiled with the most beautiful November weather. It’s still cold, but I just wanna go outside and lick all the sun I can. But, my T-baby is soon due, so I must work on it. Yesterday, I went for a long walk. I started out through the University Park, which I basically live in. And apparently you can sit outside and study. At least one guy did. I hope he sat on something, because that would have caused me cystitis.

random guy studying in Aarhus


concrete flower

Aarhus HarbourI don’t know what it is, but I have a thing for harbours. Probably a combination of the light, the bright coloured boats and of course the water. If I had all the time in the world, I would go there every day. Sometimes I forget that I live close to the sea, because I get so caught up in city life.

Aarhus Boat


So maybe, if I decide to stay in Aarhus, I should just move to the harbour, to Aarhus Ø in one of the new apartment buildings. They are quite spectacular and have a wonderful view. See for yourself:

Iceberg Aarhus

Iceberg Apartments Aarhus

Iceberg View AarhusImagine waking up and looking out over this. Whoa! I’ve always thought that these container cranes look like giant animals. Or robots from Star Wars.

La vie en rose Sculpture by the Sea AarhusAnd apropos giant things. There is a pair of giant glasses sitting on the dock of the bay. They were once part of the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition (2011). The sculpture is called Sea Pink and is by Marc Moser.

Sometimes you just need to look at life through a pair of pink glasses. At least I did. And I think a lot of single people do when they’re out for a chilly Sunday walk. There’s so many couples parading their cute coupledness. Frankly, I like to walk on my own. I like to stop at every opportunity of a great photo. And to have all the time in the world to think all kinds of thoughts. Happy and independent and free, right?


Regarding the cake/carrots dilemma, I initially muscled up and turned the cake down. However, I later failed to stop myself from stuffing my face with a big chunk of my favourite mist(c)ake. Ah life!

Have a wonderful Monday, dear Internet friends.


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