“Happy and Free and Independent” – Life Lessons from The Man Repeller


image courtesy of Man Repeller

Last night, I finished reading Leandra Medine’s book debut Man Repeller – Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. Medine is a great writer with a wonderful sense of humour. Fresh and funny. I read the 239 pages from Saturday to Sunday – I just had to finish it. And yet, I didn’t want to, because what to do when it’s over?

Well, other than the urge to go shopping for man repelling gear and Manolos, and practicing my writing even more so one day I might end up writing somewhat like her, I wanted to share some of her wise words. After reading her book, my goal is to be (and look) “happy and free and independent”.

First quote up is this:

“It is enlightening, albeit intimidating, to think how much control we do have over our own lives. But understanding it – treating it like the powerful entity that it is – is the key to contentment.”

Just as one of my great friends said to me once: “We all have to realize that we are the main character in our own life.” Going after what to really want, working hard for it and not be afraid to go after your dream job, because you know it isn’t easy-peasy to land it, will help you to keep eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Standing up for yourself is what you must do. I know that my own worst enemy is myself. I’m so good at doubting myself and a bit afraid of admitting to myself what my dream really is – and then allow myself to go chasing it. I’m still learning to do that.

The other quote I took to heart was this one:

        “The real fear is for the future – fear of letting go of what was good, even if it means turning your head on what might be even better.”

Whether this regards an ex or fear of the great world beyond the safety and cosines of dorm life and college, I try to find it comforting to trust in better things ahead.

So, go buy her book or put it on your Christmas wish list. And if you don’t know who The Man Repeller is, take a look at this video, courtesy of her YouTube channel:

How can you not love her?

Happy Monday, badgers!


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