What Was Your Dream Job in 8th Grade?


Tonight I went with one of my beloved brothers to see where he works. He’s a teacher, so I went to the school at which he teaches and attended the annual school party. The main event was the 8th grader’s musical. Being in the PE hall, seeing the pupils acting and singing on stage, and experiencing the atmosphere in the room made me reminiscent of a time long gone by. I almost felt a slight sting of envy. Being that young with life and dreams still ahead of me..

In 8th grade, I turned 14, was very much into Avril Lavigne, The Calling, Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams, Shakira and Pink. I was a girl scout, into live role-play and Legolas. OMG was he a hottie?! I had full-on metal braces, was aware that my eye sight wasn’t perfect but I didn’t want to have braces and glasses at once.

I don’t remember having a specific job in mind. I knew that I were going to go to university later. I thought about studying history or maybe becoming a museum restorer, fiddling with old paitings. I thought being a stewardess was pretty cool, because you got to wear nice clothes and travel the world. Whoa! (Possibly, this was also influenced by reading too many Natascha comics.)

natascha stewardess

I read Vi Unge a Danish magazine for youngsters, and I still remember a picture from the magazine. It was a photo of the editorial room. It showed many desks with computers and a bowl of sweets. It fascinated me. But at that time I never thought that I could become a journalist. And not even in high school. I was going through a brochure from Aarhus University and read about a bachelor in comparative literature and I just knew I had to study that. But back in 8th grade I had no idea that I would spend close to seven years in the university world. That I would move to Germany as part of my studies. Or that I would want to be a magazine journalist. I just wanted to get my braces off. I had no idea what life had in store for me.

I still don’t know what’s ahead. But I’m looking forward to it.


Goodnight good folks.


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