Autumnal Friday Musings

working from home

Can you feel it? It’s Friday! “Fun, fun, fun, fun” as a certain miss Black sings.

This week I’ve been working from home – not only on my thesis but also writing some copy (Peggy Olson style) for a hotel or two. It was fun! Much more than working on my thesis (sorry, T-baby). I’m trying to get into a great rhythm of getting early to bed and early to wake, but somehow I’m failing miserably. Next week! Also, I’m trying to strip my weeks from everything that isn’t work, thesis, work-out or seeing friends in the evenings. I need my days as distraction-less as possible, because I’m so good at loosing focus.

Somehow I find my self looking forward to Christmas already. What’s wrong with me?! Nothing, I think 😉 Just like this little toddler, we all need to let go of “normal” sometimes.

I simply can’t help sharing songs. I hope it’s OK with you? Here’s a sweet, wonderful Norwegian (whom I once drank beers with and ended up getting a hug from. Lucky me!):

Happy Friday, dearests! Try to stay out of trouble.





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