Grown Up Birthday Wishes

On Sunday I turn 25. Woah! Big one.

When I was 14 I was sure that I would have kids at 25. But I’m pretty glad I haven’t. I don’t mind waiting five more years. I would like to make something of myself before I start a family. I would like to have something to give. And I would like to get to know myself more.

25 means I’m not a kid anymore (I guess I haven’t been for a while). I actually don’t feel like celebrating my birthday with a big party – being in thesis mode and all. But of course I still want nice presents. So what do I want? Take a look.

bdaywishesRoyal Copenhagen thermo mugs for tea/coffeeElizabeth Gilbert’s The Singnature of All Things, RigoloRigolo print, Youngblood Luminous Creme Blush, Jane Kønig Creol earrings, Iittala Kastehelmi bowl

I did actually buy myself some presents already (though none of the above). I will show them, when I get them (damn-you-out-of stock-products!).



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