I Think I Need to Live by the Sea




PoleLæsøHappy Sunday folks!

Whenever I’m at the beach, walking and looking at the horizon to the soundtrack of waves crashing onto the beach, I feel like I’m 100 % myself.

I just am.

Whenever I look at the sea it’s like recognizing a long lost love, a good old friend. I would like to feel that every day. And no, the sky doesn’t need to be clear and the weather warm. Going to the beach is , like going to Paris, always a good idea.

Like staring into the starry sky, or a burning fire, it just goes poof! and after a while all your thoughts are gone, and your eyes are locked onto this pure elemental matter. But the sea is the best! I always get inspired, let my thoughts go wild and return home, well how to put it – different. Do you also have a place you go to and get inspired (other than the Internet, doh!)?

If your up for a Sunday treat (mayhaps a tiny eargasm?) then listen to this mellow magic-in-form-of-song by Laleh:

Over and out.





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