Easy Tiger, There’s A Whole World to Explore

Hey there, you wonderful people who take the time to read my blog,

As you know, I’m doing a 6 month thesis project about blogging. And that has made me over-aware of my own blogging. I’ve been thinking too much about what to blog, and what not to blog about. Also, there has been a recent flux of blogging related articles in Danish media lately (maybe because a successful blogger wrote a book about blogging). I’ve wanted to tell you about how I really feel, and how it is to write a thesis in the midst of heartbreak recovery. And what thoughts I have about being on my own (and how we all have to learn to be alone, at ease in our own company).

However, I’ve been reading that you shouldn’t be too personal in you blog posts, and never-ever break in to private territory. And that has kept me from blogging the last week. I needed time to take that (for me) big step and start sharing more of my life. More of me.

No matter which blog rules exists, I know that what keeps me interested as a (blog) reader is the person; the blogger. And when that person dares to show a splinter of him/herself I feel very honored that she/he decided to share that with me (and every other reader). And I always feel an urge to comment a blog post, that touches me. Much more than cosy pics of a nice flat (even though I also appreciate that).

This blog is about career, education and lifestyle. I feel that my life(style) has been the main topic lately. Right now, in my life, my thoughts are filled with finding out how to be me, and figuring out what I wanna do and where I wanna do it. There’s a whole world to explore, but right now I simply need to learn how to be my own bedrock, get on living life (alone) and w.r.i.t.e. m.y. t.h.e.s.i.s.. Just like Lola in the movie Lola Versus (which you should totally watch. It is great!).

So, if you feel that you’re not getting enough career and education blogging from me, I’m sorry. But right now my focus is on how to be me. Alone. Not dating anyone and not thinking about dating anyone or thinking about thinking about … I guess you get the picture. Because no matter how nice boys (and girls, if you’re into them) are, they are also awfully distracting. I thank Auntie Liz, for making me realize what I needed in my life.


And hey:



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