think BIG

Bjarke Ingelsphoto from here

Earlier today I randomly switched on the TV and got caught up in a show about the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. He is such a cool guy, a leader in his field, and very inspiring (+ a teensy bit cute). Just watch this Ted talk about hedonistic sustainability (I’m all in on green, in case you didn’t know. Of course pink is my favourite colour, but green is a way of life. Pink can be a way of life as well – la vie en rose, eh? OK, enough colour talk!).

And now what this post is really about – at the end of the show, Ingels was asked to give his personal advice for success. Other than the obvious think BIG, it goes like this:

a) Follow what turns you on. 
b) If it feels like work, then something is wrong. 

Very simple, yet sound advice in my opinion. Easy to apply to whatever makes your heart skip a beat.


1 thought on “think BIG”

  1. Just a very friendly and supportive “kick in the pants” and good luck with your thesis – hope you are well on the way – also hoping to hear about it over ” a cuppa” some day – hugs from Pia Bøgh

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