Falling Asleep Over Theoretical Texts

sleeping beautyIn the early beginnings of my academic career, I often found myself falling asleep whilst in the midst of reading for upcoming lectures. It was a really frustrating feeling, as it often wasn’t because the text was boring, but simply my body succumbing to the power of sleep.

And now it started again. Just half an hour ago, I woke up clutching my pink highlighter as if it were a teddy bear.

I get enough sleep at night and I eat a varied diet, so the sleep attacks is not a result of insomnia or starvation. I found the solution to it five years ago, and I guess I can do that again; get reading glasses.

I don’t know why I stopped using reading glasses, but I guess it happened around the point where I started to use contacts every day. And maybe having something to do with my teenage angst of getting glasses a mere year after I got my braces removed. (Actually, I knew for a long time that I didn’t see perfectly well, but I cared too much about looking perfectly well, that I didn’t want glasses and braces at the same time). And that I tended to feel insecure while having glasses on. I guess I have grown older and wiser since, still yet not wise enough to continue to use reading glasses. Thank God geek is the new chic as I now will possess double specs appeal. The question remains which design to choose? 


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