10 Things You Might Hate About Me

184543_10200435416237439_797012530_nphoto by Nele Rissmann

  1. I sometimes (secretly) listen to Taylor Swift (not so secret anymore, I guess). 
  2. I’m a cat person, but I like puppies too.
  3. I love pink.
  4. All my highlighters are pink.
  5. In high school I used to colour-coordinate my school subjects (and at uni too).
  6. I’m an organizational porn enthusiast (in case you couldn’t tell from the above).
  7. I love the combination of pink and grey (on everything from my yoga mat to the fonts here on the blog).
  8. I grew up reading Harry Potter and I still love the books. HP forever!
  9. I played D&D-style role play once (yes, I’m also awaiting the next season of Game of Thrones).
  10.  Paris is always a good idea.


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