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I recently read this book about A-List bloggers, and felt the urge to share these wise words with you, dear readers.

Shini Park of Park & Cube

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“I consider my blog to be a library of my personal preferences.”

“There is really no better lesson for an amateur photographer than to utilize the camera every single day.”

I can only say the same goes for writing. So I better get to it!


Gala Gonzalez of Amlul

Amlulimage from here

“Dressing is our initial business card: others are going to perceive what we want to communicate.”


Leandra Medine, famed Man Repeller

ManRepellerimage from here

“When I wrote for publications I found that my work was edited too much and lost the quirk and charm that I thought strung it together. By blogging I was able to publish whatever I wanted, maintain final say and be my own editor, which is a special thing.

“For me, fashion blogging brings and element of realness. The girls that read magazines and want to change the industry finally have an opportunity to leave a footprint and have their voices heard.”



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