Blogroll Journalinnea Style


Ever wondered which blogs are on my bloglovin account? Well, here’s a peek.

Leandra Medine is not only a man repeller, but indeed also a talented writer with an effortlessly elegant voice. She’s a journalism graduate from the New School and has made her blog big by being personable rather than personal. Me likey!

Independent Fashion Bloggers is a great site for blogging tips from successful (independent) bloggers. When I’m craving inspiration, I go to their pins for Wise Words.

Mediababe knows a great deal about (guess what?) media! She blogs in Swedish, but with the translate function nicely provided by Google, it should be readable for everyone.

Blondinbella (another Swede) is a rather more personal blog. Isabella is highly successful and it’s inspiring to see what can become of blogging.

Thoughts on Theatre is (like myself) “in love with the intersection between art and life”. I really admire the way she uses pictures (and what pictures!) to support her posts.

Emily Salomon has great style and takes such lovely photos. Her blog is a feast for the eyes and her recipes are worth trying out. She blogs in Danish, but here Google can help you out as well.



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