Why Blogging Isn’t Always Fun and Games

As regards blogging and other forms of writing, you’ll find yourself pounding your head at a wall from time to time. There will be days where your reader statistics will go through the roof and you can’t get your hands down. And there will be days where you wonder why no one read your brilliant post. There will be days when you feel on top of the world, and where you feel you are so clever and influential. And days where you questions yourself ‘Why am I blogging?‘ or ‘Should I blog in my mother tongue?‘ because you read Leandra Medine’s blog and are amazed by her talent and command of the English language. There will be days where you feel you don’t sound like yourself on the blog.

I have had days like that recently (surprise!). I believe that self-questioning is sound, as long as it doesn’t eat you up. When you question your actions, you will naturally get thinking about your motivation. And that is good. Because it will force you to get focused and maybe readjust your goal(s).

I feel like everybody is blogging nowadays. And I think ‘So why do it too?‘ and ‘Isn’t the blogmosphere over saturated?‘. It might be. But my blog is not a fashion blog. Or an interior blog. It is a niche blog, focusing on career, education and (my) lifestyle. It is my blog. My creative outlet. I blog about career and education, because it interests me. I blog about what I would like to read about. I blog because I can’t help it. Because I need writing experience. And because I know I inspire people.

So, eyes on the road.



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