Yuletide + A Recommendation: Danish Elle


Long time, no posts. Christmas is upon us. And not only that, I am at a loss whether to continue my blogging in English or switch to Danish, since I will be going for a job in the Danish magazine business. I am, just like Guardian careers wrote, using the Christmas break to reflect on my career.  At this exact moment, I am sitting on a train, driving through the semi-snowclad Danish landscape. When I travel I always read – be it magazines, books or blogs. This morning I went to 7/11 to get a much needed magazine fix. As I stood in awe in front of the magazine stand, I thoroughly read all the magazine cover’s headlines. My choice fell on Danish Elle because of the career themed edition. Excellent choice! I usually read Cover, sometimes Eurowoman and less frequently Elle.  Something unexpected happened as I read Elle. I took out my pink highlighter and started highlighting as if I was reading heavy theory for lectures at uni. I have never done that before. But this article was b.r.i.l.l.i.a.n.t. It was about how to use social media to land a (dream)job. I learned about the afore-mentioned Guardian careers, TheLondonJob and got a lot of useful tips. I simply must cut this article out and add it to my Career Folder (which I will show you, when I’m back in Hamburg). If you understand Danish I simply suggest: go get yourself a little Christmas present. (And no, this post is not sponsored.)



#Jobansøgning (job application) – the article with my highlights


3 thoughts on “Yuletide + A Recommendation: Danish Elle”

    1. Fedt at du købte det på min anbefaling 🙂 Blev så positivt overrasket over bladet, så vil helt sikkert selv huske at hapse (underforstået købe) det i bladkiosken fremover.

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