Don’t Stop Believing in Your Dream


Drawing: Kanako Kuno of My Little Paris

As I start telling people about my dream of becoming a magazine journalist, not all are equally supportive. “But that are not many jobs in the magazine business.” and “Do you think it is realistic?” are some of the responses I’ve gotten. Wednesday night at the career counseling, when Nea said to me that she knew I was a magazine-journalist-kind-of-gal, my cheeks started burning. She was so right! I’ve had that exact feeling before. In September, I was with my bf at a party in Sweden, where I happened to meet the communications director of SAS. I talked to her about my career path dilemma. She told me to go for my dream. And that “somebody has to get the cool jobs”. Damn right!

So what do I need to do:

1) Start writing – I need work samples.

2) Get an intership in the magazine business.

3) Continue to believe in my dream and don’t let anyone interfere with it.


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