Hi my Name is Linnea and I want to be a Magazine Journalist


I have a dream. I’ve actually had it for a long time. I have just been afraid to really admit it to myself. To fully take responsibility for what I really want.

This evening (the photo is from when I got home) I had Career Counseling with Nea Matzen. I told her about my dilemma of choosing which direction to go into – communication or journalism. She said to me that I’m a magazine girl. I know I am. I know it right to the bone. I remember when I was in my early teens, always wandering into the library’s magazine section and looking at, what was to me The Great Wall. A whole wall filled with magazines! I stood there in awe. (Of course some of them had no interest to me.) I was fatally attracted to women’s magazines. And I still am. I love the way that magazine articles are like short stories. How you can feel that there is much more work put into magazine pieces than news stories. You have longer time to write them – and to read them. Magazine articles are the crème de la crème of journalism. And oh the physical feel of a magazine! Thick pages. Colour. Pictures. The layout. The different fonts.

I have been torn between taking the safe path or jumping out of my comfort zone and reaching for what I truly want. I read so many magazines. And I dream of working together in an editorial team. Having colleagues who are fellow magaziniacs. I want to write pieces you simply must read – pursuing the art of the fact. Articles which are mentioned on the front page and makes you buy the magazine. I want to write the stories I like to read. I have this folder in which I have collected brilliant articles from various magazines. Imagine if a girl one day cuts one of my articles out of a magazine..


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