Future Dreams, Career Counseling

At Hamburg University, part of my education is to participate in career counseling. Nea Matzen is our career advisor. As part of our first meeting, she asked us to introduce ourselves and answer some questions regarding our work experiences and future expectations. I figured that it could be interesting for you to read these Q&A’s as well.


I’m 24, from Denmark. I’ve lived the past five years in Aarhus where I
studied comparative literature with a minor in cognitive semiotics for
my BA. In September 2010 I started on the comparative literature MA,
but I dropped out as I realized that I really wanted to be a
journalist. I had two choices – either a Danish, more practical
journalism master or this mundus master. I was very much in doubt, but
chose the mundus programme as it was described to me as
‘life-changing’. I know that the Danish master might have been the
safe/clever choice as it includes a 24 week internship. But I chose
the road-not-so-often-taken, as I believe it will make me a more
nuanced journalist and give me something the Danish journalists don’t
have. I would like to return to Denmark and work there. But it is not
that I won’t like to work abroad. I have a Danish boyfriend and we
plan to move to Copenhagen together in the spring.

What did you find easy, what did you manage to do well? What are your strengths? Is there anything you consider as a weak point?

As my background is mainly academic I don’t have hard core journalism
work experience. But as I have written for a student magazine, I take
my experience from there to answer your questions. I find it easy to
come up with ideas and follow them through. I have a clear vision for
everything I am doing. I believe myself to be a good interviewer. I am
good at writing, giving my texts flow. I think of ways to improve the
magazine/blog/shop I work in.
I am not at ease with stress. I do sometimes find it hard to deliver
under stressed circumstances. I don’t like to receive critique in
front of others. I get nervous.

What did you like most at work, what did you enjoy?

Most of all I like two things: I love to write and I love to meet
interviewees and get high from interviewing. I really like the feeling
when I’m in writing mode and producing. I also enjoy the editorial
meetings and brainstorming.

If all your dreams came true: What would be your first job after finishing the Erasmus Mundus Program?

Dream job fresh out of uni: working as a full time (cultural) magazine
journalist. I don’t have a specific magazine in mind, but somewhere in
the women/lifestyle field.

When you imagine your life in ten years: What will you be doing (professionally and privately)?

In ten years… I will have a busy daily life, working and being a
mom. I will have kids (more than two) with my boyfriend (by then
husband). I will still be working as a magazine journalist. Maybe also
with features in international magazines.

*NOTE: I really want to be a cultural journalist in the magazine
business. BUT I’m a bit afraid of freelancing and that not being such
a secure income. I would like to start having kids in two years or so,
and therefore I’m also thinking about going into communication as that
is a more secure field of work.


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