Why & How to Make Your Own Business Cards


The Why

I have been playing around with the idea in my mind for a while, and when I went to a job interview for a career blog (I got the job, more on that in another post) I proposed the idea of making a guide on how to make your own business cards. Because if you are an eager student who goes to all sorts of career events it might be handy to have some cards with your contact info to hand out.

I just have to pause and write a little on my history and thoughts on business cards (feel free to skip). When I think business cards I cannot help to think Patrick Bateman (the psychopath in American Psycho). There is this most fantastic part about business cards in that brilliant however brutal novel. Just a taste of it:

Patrick Bateman [Looking at Paul Allen’s business card]: Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark! 

Business cards to me (other than Bateman) is something I have only experienced men having. Particularly men in the music business. Meet them on a night downtown and they’ll give you a business card. Once I got one from a guy who was both a musician, painter and croquis model!? But then my old friend Jakob from high school came back from an internship in Shanghai showing off his fine business card and told me I needed to get some myself. A year later I have.


The How

I had no idea how I wanted my very own business card to look like. And no idea from where to get them. But luckily Google is my friend. I searched for ‘business cards’ and found the site Vistaprint. There I found my design by searching for ‘writer’. Like this (click on the image to see a larger version):

Then I got to this page (image below) where I filled in the information I wanted on my business card. I didn’t see any point in adding my personal address to the card, so I simply added what I found relevant. For extra charge you can also get the backside in colour and add some interesting words about what you do. I was not sure what to put in so I left mine blank. Next time I will surely add something to the back just for the extra touch of it. You can also choose paper quality for your card, as well as pens and t-shirts with your design but I skipped that part.

Check out, pay and tada! a week later you have your cards.


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