Are Bloggers the New Journalists?

I found my self wondering about that very question whilst cooking dinner. I guess at least fashion bloggers do in some way function as fashion journalists. The newest trend is not found in magazines anymore but on the blogs. Fashion bloggers are more than just trend reporters. Some of them are style icons themselves. For example Swedish Elin Kling and Norwegian Hanneli Mustaparta  


3 thoughts on “Are Bloggers the New Journalists?”

  1. I guess in some ways, yes. At least to an extent the journalistic master dream – writing on what ever story or subject the heart desires. Choosing what has news value and what hasn’t.
    BUT not necessarily with the integrity and respect for objectivity, that journalism is supposed to possess.

  2. I totally agree. Blogging cannot be equalized with writing journalism. A talented blogger might be offered a real job as a journalist, but when remaining a blogger I guess blogs are just mere opinion journals. You can strive after being objective and follow the same rules as you would in a newsroom, but you might not get the same stamp of approval. However, citizen journalism is, well, journalism from the citizens. You don’t need a press card to go to a demonstration and write about your experience. What I am getting at, is that the face of journalism might be changing. That with the Internet, everyone potentially has the opportunity to publish a story to an (online) audience.

    1. I think – and hope – you might be right about that.
      As the journalism of news papers seem to be disfavoured by the public, it seems to me, that the journalism of TV, has taken on washed out pandering for the lowest denominator.
      In a way bloggers can take on the role as the grassroots, that aim to set an agenda for public debate.

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