You Had Me At Hello

“You read one hour every day – either your textbooks or books and magazines of your own choosing – and at the end of the week you are a measurably more knowledgeable, deeper, richer person. At the end of the month, you are deeper and wiser yet. And in a year? Five years? The increments grow, like interest in a bank account, until you are a qualitatively different individual. Given the fact that most people do not read extensively, you will be richer in knowledge and wisdom than your contemporaries, and that richness will be recognized by others. The rewards will be great. The same profits come from the hour of writing. Write course assignments or a personal journal; write letters or essays or stories or poems or whatever you feel like writing. Your reading will make you a better writer – your vocabulary will grow, for example, without you even noticing it – and your writing will make you a better writer, too. You will become fluent. Writing will become just one of the things you naturally do – like breathing. Basketball player Michael Jordan possess astonishing natural talent, but still he practices his shots every day.”

Source: Barbara Lounsberry, The Writer in You

This book was published in 1992, before no such thing as a blog existed. But I guess the same sound advice applies for blogging. The book is truly an eye opener. Inspiring. Motivating. Stimulating. Three words: GO GET IT.


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