I am studying journalism. Not just for fun. For real. I am in a journalism master programme. It is so intense that I have started seeing a study coach. I guess I have some sort of stress. In times of stress, despair and extreme procrastination it is time to review one’s motivation. Mine is still to see journalism as a form of art. The thing is, that this master programme is the study of journalism. Not a practical master programme in journalism. I have to develop myself as a journalist in between lectures. One thing is interviewing, writing articles and the like. I do that already. But since the magazine I am working for is run by students I do not have a bona fide mentor. So I turn to one of the old masters. I stumbled upon this Barbara Lounsberry who has written a few books on non-fiction. This is the dedication of her book The Art of Fact:

As I read it I got goosebumps. This is how I see journalism. I just have to keep my motivation in mind when I have to write essays on international politics and the financial crisis. Not that the subjects are not interesting. They really are. But I would rather go directly to the second year where I have courses such as ‘Media Systems and Journalism Cultures in an International Comparative Perspective’ and ‘Processes of Transcultural Communication’. I know that the courses I am studying now will make me a better journalist. Give me some perspective on the present state of affairs in the world I live and write in. SO: EYES ON THE ROAD.


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