Well, Well, Well..

I have been thinking a lot about my first real post. Should I make a manifest for the blog? An introduction where I share my thoughts, plan and motivation for this blog. Or should I cut the crap and get straight down to business; start blogging the stuff I want to share? I go for the latter.

These are the books I’m about to read as soon as I have handed in my exam paper. A fine blend of poetry, novels, short story collections, books on writing, language and group experiences. I have actually read the one on flow writing (Flowskrivning – my mother tongue is Danish). It was quite funny (not fun, but funny). The way the author talked about writing: always stop when you’re in flow, because then it’s easy to get started again the next day. I read exactly the same in Hemingway on Writing. So it seems that what this Danish fella is going on about isn’t really a new and shining way to write, but rather  a rusty method known by at least one great American writer. Non the less it’s working! “Save a little for a rainy day” is quite applicable when writing. It smoothens the ‘getting started’ process. Try it! On that note I won’t go further into Hemingway or my exam paper.


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